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and 3 607 4 607 5 607 number and was, in addition, the company failed to Dzyaft standard certificate ISO 9001 from RWTUV Germany in 1383 and later received a certificate of England and received the standard of IEC 3569 standard for power cables pressure is low.


Information about cables

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Cables and Wires

Wires and cables are identical in structure, but the performance has many differences. Application for wires and cables can be used for the electrical industry as well as dose used in houses, stadia and other places mentioned other Nmvddr all the places of two different types of wire and cable used.

Component Cables

Wires and cords of both the conductor and insulated conductors or conductive parts are made of brass strings are the same. The conductor wires and cables in both single-threaded and Chndd string is produced. The insulating sheath is also the same as that on the Pvshand.ayq wire and cable wire and cable PVC is usually made of plastic

?hat cables and wires

Wires and cables in the building is considered one of the main requirements Brqkshy. In fact, a switch that is connected to wires and cables, no benefits. The use of non-standard cables may cause fire and cause a fire. So choosing the right one of the most important issues wires and cables to prevent fire and possible risks.

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Dear Dr.

Founder and CEO

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Factory Manager

Dear Mr. engineer

financial manager

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commercial manager


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Coil of delicate cables


Intricate strands

The highest precision and elegance in the complexity of warping products


Copper cables

Copper coil coils


Copper cables

Copper coil coils


Pricing table

The first method



The second method

2000 R


The third method

3000 R



Sales representatives

A number of sales agents in Isfahan

Buyers of goods are the main capital of the organization. Rajin Kabul Sepahan Industrial Group intends to provide its products with the highest quality and fastest time to dear consumers.

Tohid Electricity: Isfahan, Ferdowsi St., in front of Bank Mellat 09131005070

Mr. Amin Tabrizi

Buyers of goods are the main capital of the organization. Rajin Kabul Sepahan Industrial Group intends to provide its products with the highest quality and fastest time to dear consumers.

Isfahan-Ferdowsi Street-in front of Zohreh Hote l09131189001

Mr. Mohammad Dehghan


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Understand the needs of customers and provide quality work

Growth and development paths and research and development systems are in front of senior managers of organizations and we will make the most of this opportunity


Unlimited and worry-free changes can only be achieved with knowledge and purpose


Maximum customer satisfaction is the company’s goal and we will move towards it


From the beginning of the company until now, we have had many experiences that showed us the way to achieve our goals.


Timely delivery of manufactured goods to customers is one of the concerns of company managers and this is one of the important goals

Cooperation with
well-known companies

It is our honor to cooperate with large cable and wire distribution companies in the country

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Understanding the needs of customers and providing quality work is our motto.

Experience the best with us

Variety in production and high quality of our products and services available to the community

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Get in touch with us
contact numbers

Sales Office: (+98) 31-32221216 (+98) 31-32225698 (+98) 3132235371 Factory phones: (+98) 31-45643661-6 Fax number: (+98) 31-32235332 (+98) 31-45643260

Sales office address: Isfahan - Abdolrazaq St. - Alley No. 15 - next to Haj Reza Mosque
Factory Address: Isfahan - Morche Khort Industrial Town​

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